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    Since Shenyuan has been found in 2002, I heartily appreciate the perfect achievements which obtained by everyone’s hardworking and effort. Currently, the company is running well coordinate and organized, and keeping a favorable pattern of growing. This year, we meet some new opportunities and challenges. We already fully prepared for the golden time while a new undertaking is coming. I feel heavily responsible to face the ambitious goal of 1 billion sales in 2011, all staff’s expectation and drastic market competition. The only way to accomplish the honorable mission endowed by times is continuously free our mind, boost the step of technical transformation and product upgrading.
    Firstly, the new approach should be clearly determined and good tradition should be carried on. Open mind is “destroy the old and establish the new”, destroying the mind that is not match the scientific development rule, destroying the mind that is unrealistic and irresponsible and destroying the mind that blocks the enterprise development. The old tradition “hard working for business, open up for innovation” should be promoted.
    Secondly, speeding up the step of technical transformation and seeking new chances for development. Development is an absolute principle. We have to clearly understand that the way we have passed is extensive, the profit grows slowly and the efficiency is quite low. However, we come up with the “second undertaking” goal is for opening up new areas and seeking for growth points. In 2011, we will invest 600 million RMB on technical transformation project to build a specialized and competitive production line for engine valve steels.
    Thirdly, exploring constructively and practicing bravely. Selecting right person and using capable person is very important. This year, we have chosen a batch of young undergraduates and employed some postgraduates to enter each leadership. Also, we have trained a high quality and knowledgeable R&D team to pursue the advanced technology for manufacturing engine valve steels in order to ensure that our product is on the leading position all along in the engine valve steel market.
    Lastly, foster unique new idea for Shenyuan. We have come up with “The Twelfth Five-Year Strategic Plan” is process strategy, talent strategy and capital strategy of global strategy which are made with enterprise’s reality. The quality of product is assured by advanced process, talents are fostered with good environment, and capital is operated under optimum mode. We are pursuing to be a global first-rate supplier.
    Dear friends, looking back, we are complacent; looking ahead, we are full of pride. Under the principle: “take technology as support, seek development and surpass by innovation” and through all of Shenyuan staff’s sincere effort and sturdy work, I firmly believe that we can achieve the goal for 2011.
    Shenyuan will have a bright future!


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