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Jiangsu Shenyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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    Jiangsu Shenyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Shenyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd. which is established in 2007. We are a specialized trading company for proprietary trading and agent managerial authority in import and export trade. We operate all the year around and agent with good services and reasonable price for many domestic enterprises in import and export trade which includes: customs declaration, entry inspection, and foreign exchange settlement, export rebates, transportation, insurance and financing. The products involve ironware, chemical industry, mechanical equipment, metal products, scrap metal etc. Operating market are mainly in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, Japan, the Middle East and Hongkong.
    The company is under diversified structure, simultaneously exclusive sale: internal-combustion engine valve steel bars, welding wires, stainless steel bearing steels, high-speed tool steels, internal-combustion engine valves, high resistance electrothermal alloy, and stainless bars, pipes, section bar, plates, and wires. We are in accordance with the global strategy development principle “take root in China, take foothold in Europe and America” and building a good relationship with customers. Through many years of forge ahead, we are growing up step by step in the global drastic market competition and we have accumulated a lot of foreign trade experience. We hope that we can join hands with you to build a glorious future.
    Add.: Industrial zone Zhangguo Town Taizhou City Jiangsu province
    Tel.: 0523-83760850


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