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Jiangsu Dongtai Xinyue Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

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           Jiangsu Dongtai Xinyue Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. (former name is Jiangsu Dongxiang Engine Valve LLC) is established in 1958. The main products are engine valves and torsional absorber for engine crankshaft. The company has 980 staff which contains 186 specialized technicians and 40 senior officers; 70.6 thousands square meters of floor space and 32 thousands square meters of building area. Products have passed ISO/TS-16949: 2002 and the trademark is registered as “Dongxiang”.
    There are 10 production lines, more than 500 manufacturing equipments and more than 60 inspection instruments. The company can produce 11 million of engine valves and 0.4 million of torsional absorber for engine crankshaft. STL plasma cone overlaying and duplex metal friction welding is reached the international advanced level. Quenching in “cap form”, chromium plating for rod, fusion welding for head and tufftriding under salt bath form are top standard within competitors. Detection and physicochemical measurement are supported by advanced inspection equipment such as direct-reading spectrometer, roundness tester, projector, universal tool-measuring microscope, material testing machine, and viscosity tester. The products of “Dongxiang” brand refer to heavy, medium, light and tiny automobile engines, and widely apply to cars, motor trucks, light trucks, farm vehicles, motorbikes, engineering machinery and ships. The products assort with main engine for Weichai, HOWO, Geely, ChangChai, ChangFa, JD, Sundiro Honda, Wuyang Honda, and JinCheng, moreover we found a good sale in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.
    The company carries out overall quality management by objectives. Our quality policy is “satisfying customers’ demands and expectations, keeping improving and innovating, pursuing better quality”.
    Add.: No.18 Zhenxing road economic development zone Dongtai City Jiangsu Province
    Tel.: 0515-85212128 85282088
    Fax: 0515-85212795


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