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AOD Productive Technology for Stainless Steel

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1.   Introduction

    AOD furnace adopts the refine technology which uses argon and oxygen for decarburization. Due to the good performance in decarburization and protecting chromium, desulfurization and deoxidization, it is mostly applied to special material (stainless steel) casting and forging, continuous casting and die casting. AOD is favorable equipment for stainless steel manufacturers.

2.   Basic Technical Parameters

    Volume: 3/5/8/10/15/18/20/30/40/45/50/60 Tons

    Grades of Steel: 200 series, 300 series, 316L, 304L etc

    Converting Approach: side-blown, top-bottom (side)-blown

    Material Loading System: mix material bin + weighing device

    Turndown system: frequency control of motor speed (motor + reduction gears + gearwheel)

    Dedusting System: cover, moveable cover, gyrate cover in furnace roof

    Automated control: computer (or touch panel) + PLC + secondary instrument + intelligent software

3.   Technical Features

    In the design process, using computer to simulate the melting process after we have fully considered the melting features of AOD furnace. Designing the shape of furnace according to the performance of inside area in order to reduce the consumption of refractory materials, increase the use ratio of oxygen and lower the cost of production.

    Automatic control system can be designed as customers’ requirements. It can be manual, semi-automatic and full automatic, also it can use computer (or touch panel) + PLC + secondary instrument + intelligent software. According to the different grade of steels, typical steel can be controlled under automatic system, simultaneously all kinds of parametric can be entered manually. Power cut proof is equipped in the air distributing system to avoid production difficulty. The flow controller in secondary instrument has independent control function, so that can be backup control device. Because temperature is high and environment is dustiness during the smelting process, dustproof-heat-shield is set up in the turndown system. It efficiently protects the device and avoids splashing from slag and molten steel. The tuyere is circumfluent spray gun which adopts reasonable blowing process to increase efficiency of smelting, reduce the consumption of refractory materials and prolong furnace life.


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