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Quantum Jump in Continuous Casting for Titaniferous Stainless Steel (TSS)

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    There were 3 pouring times achieved sequence casting in May. TSS is recognized as one of the steels which are difficult for continuous casting. So far, only minority of large domestic enterprises could achieve continuous casting for TSS slab, but no successful case in continuous casting for small TSS billet.
    Shenyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd. has accumulated many technical data since the first time we have tested continuous casting for TSS in September 2009. In December 2010, we first use whole furnace of 0Cr18Ni10Ti to continuously cast for 150*150mm qualified billets. In February 2011, we preliminarily achieve continuous casting for 2 furnaces of TSS. At the beginning of March, we improved the process of melting and continuous casting; finally we have solved the technical problem according to sequence casting for TSS. The achievements of sequence casting for TSS elevate inner quality of our TSS bars. It is good for enhancing the efficiency and shortening production lifecycle.


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