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Shenyuan Holds “Master and Apprentice Protocol” Signing Ceremony

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    “Talents is the motive power for enterprise development, more even it is Shenyuan’s future and hope.” The president Youjun Gong heartily speaks to 20 undergraduates in the “Master and Apprentice Protocol” signing ceremony in the afternoon of 17th. “I hope all of you strictly behave yourselves, respect your masters, working hard, modestly study, and positively aggress. Become a satisfied apprentice and qualified staff”. Meanwhile, he request 20 masters: you are all full of experience in yours job and actual combat, you are not also a good teacher but only a helpful friend, you should fine “pass on, help and look after” your apprentices, this is a kind of responsibility that masters should take. I believe that you can abide by this acceptance and be a competent guide”.
    This signing ceremony is about one tutor and one assistant tutor look after 1-3 apprentices; take the teaching approach of “one to one”, “face to face, hand in hand” to scientifically and effectively teach and pass on the knowledge. As early as possible to foster a knowledgeable, technical and qualified young team in order to settle basement for globally first-rate enterprise in engine valve steels.
     The photo is the general manager Ping Lin signs the protocol.


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