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Shenyuan Hold 2012 Spring Marketing Symposium

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    In the morning of 3rd of February, “2012 Spring Marketing Symposium” is held in Conference Room I, vice-general manager Zhao Heng who is in charge of marketing hosts the meeting and gives a speech. He firstly reviewed marketing work in 2011, confirmed the positive result in the whole year. During the meeting, he analyzes existed problems and shortage in the work, asks every one to industriously improve operating thinking and strategy, enhance developing and consolidating customers surround the established goals and tasks. 20 more sales persons participated in the meeting indicates that they must seize the opportunity and be worthy of leaders’ hopeful entrust, greet new challenge and complete new target.
General Manager Lin Ping gives final speak, vice-general manager Lian Mingsheng and Xu Li participate in the symposium.


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