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Special Steel Should Adopt the Development Way of “Specialize, Perfect, Special and Innovative”

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    According to the report, Xichun Wu the president of China Special Steel Enterprise Institute indicated in an internal meeting that special steel should be on the basis of the requirements in 《12th Five Year Development Plan for Steel Industry》to facilitate the comprehensive quality promotion of special steel. To give support on special steel industry’s merger and recombination, enhance the leading effect of leading special steel enterprise, take the development way of “Specialize, Perfect, Special and Innovative”, and give great impetus to promote technical progress and products upgrading and updating for special steel enterprises.
    In order to avoid rushing headlong and good or bad situation, 《Plan》 comes up with encouraging minority of effective steel enterprises to differentially develop high-end steel variety, so that homogenization of high-end development can be prevented. This means that those formed special steel enterprises already have certain developed superiority.
    Xichun Wu also emphasized that special steel industry must to realize that the developing opportunity of being strong China special steel enterprise is not much. Hence, during 12th Five Year Development Plan, China special steel enterprises must to change from pursuing output expand and extensive operation depends on devoting resource to intensification operation which includes paying attention on improvement of quality and benefit, depends on technology improvement, scientific management and talent growing.
    In recent years, the profitability of special steel enterprises led by Tayeh Special Steel are still on leading position among the whole industry. Following with the developing way of encouraging policy, those enterprises that already devote themselves into rapid development of high quality special steels are more worth to be anticipated.


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