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2012: Output of China Made Crude Steel Will Be 700 Million Tons

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    The president of Shougang Group and China Steel Association Jimin Zhu has predicted in 2012 Director’s Meeting: from the demand on foreign market, output of China made crude steel will be 700 million tons in 2012, increased around 4%.
  Jimin Zhu considered that over capacity and structural adjustment make steel industry hardly pass through current dilemma in short time, “steel industry enters into difficult period just now”.
    He predicted that overall output of China made crude steel in 2011 would be 683 million tons with 9.2% year on year growth and exported steel would be 49 million tons, with 16% year on year growth.
    Jimin Zhu simultaneously appealed that enterprises do not join into iron ore spot transaction platform invested by BHP Billiton Ltd. in Singapore, because this platform would make domestic steel industry get into bigger trouble and lose rights of speak.


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