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Price of Asian Stainless Steel is Lack of Rising Power

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    After Spring Festival, Asian main stainless steel manufacturers raised exporting price of 300 series cold rolling. However, due to the nickel price decreased less than 20 thousands USD/ton, demand is also in depression, transaction price is lower than quotation and volume of contract is low. Exporting price of cold rolling 304 from Korea, China, Taiwan area and other region in Asia is 3000-3100 USD/ton (FOB), but no one shows any interest in it. China Tisco shows quotation of cold rolling 304 delivering in April is 3050 USD/ton (FOB); transaction price might be 2900 USD/ton. Moreover, Taiwan Yieh United Steel Co., Ltd. shows 3000 USD/ton, Pohang shows 3000-3100 USD/ton, but customers keep looking.


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